Spit Roast Catering – a Trend Being Tasted Around the World

Spit roast catering Melbourne provides clients with a relaxed atmosphere and builds anticipation as the scent of a succulent roast wafts throughout the venue. Those seeking spit-roast catering for their event should know that most catering companies provide on-site or off-site cooking and it’s a trend being utilized for backyard BBQs to million dollar wedding catering companies Melbourne

Spit roasting offers far more than just a main course. The best catering companies provide all the trimmings, from vegetables and salads to desserts, canapes and table service. A spit roast isn’t limited to beef – individuals can choose from pork, lamb and vegetarian options and pair it with formal sit-down dining or buffet-styles for gatherings that are more fluid.

Meat roasted on a spit can be served by the slice, made into sandwiches or utilized in a myriad of gourmet finger foods by the chefs of Gourmet caterers in Melbourne. These top-rated chefs don’t just cook a meal – they serve up unique culinary experiences. Spit cooking produces unique flavors that can’t be duplicated with other methods and some catering companies also offer spit roasting for fish and fowl.

Cooking over an open fire or in fire pits has its roots in antiquity when fire meant warmth and security. It evokes the same emotions for people in the modern world and sends an unspoken message of camaraderie. Once reserved for certain types of occasions, spit-roasting is available for celebrations encompassing weddings, reunions, birthdays, graduations, holidays, business grand openings and even funerals.

Open fire cooking is one of the hottest trends among sophisticates and is increasingly being offered at chic restaurants around the world. When planning a spit roast, consult with the caterer about the type of beverage packages available. Bars can be created for drinks to satisfy every age, from alcohol and spirits to smoothies, juices and soft drinks.

Meals cooked over an open fire have a special allure to which people are instinctively drawn and harkens back to primal beginnings. Spit roast catering provides a friendly atmosphere that’s conducive to interactions among attendees. It’s also a valuable option for corporate catering and training sessions during which teamwork and similar activities are emphasized.

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