What is a Plaster Bulkhead / Grid Ceiling?

There are grid ceilings everywhere. Chances are that you come across them on a daily basis, but did not know what they actually are and how a grid ceiling is the solution that you need. There a few other names for a grid ceiling.

  • T-bar ceiling
  • Plaster bulkhead melbourne
  • False ceiling
  • Drop ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Curved bulkhead
  • Vertical bulkhead
  • And other ceiling systems

The names describe vital aspects of the grid ceiling. In simple words, a grid ceiling is suspended ceiling from an existing support system or ceiling. A grid ceiling is actually a false ceiling as it is not a permanent support structure such as a cement ceiling.

Sometimes, grid ceilings are referred to as T-bar ceiling as the T-bars form the grid which holds the ceiling panels intact. Although, it is a modern innovation, grid ceilings had been used for centuries. They even existed in the traditional Japanese homes, as well as the Black Friar Theatre in London in the late 16th century to help improve the acoustics of the theatre.

When it comes to high-rises, plasterers melbourne can create grid ceilings which are extensively used as well as for other commercial structures for decades now. Previously, they had been used to hide pipes, along with electrical wiring and even ducting.

Why a Grid Ceiling Needs to Be Installed For Your Home?

A standard grid ceiling like the ones you see in hundreds of offices is utilitarian, and not as attractive. The T-bars which make up the grid have been unpainted aluminum and the panels would be white. These don’t seem inspiring. However, the grid ceilings for homes are different and are trending as they are more stylish, the new trend is suspended ceilings. Some of these options are as follows.

  • A wide range of grid patterns.
  • Concealed grids using interlocking panels.
  • Colored T-bars.
  • A variety of panel materials are used such as timber veneer, metallic, and leather-look.

An entire ceiling can be covered with a grid system or even a drop ceiling can be created for an area to have a more visually interesting ceiling to highlight an area like the dining room or the living room. If a standard grid system cannot be found to suit the interior, then one can even consider getting a custom one made.

Grid ceilings are ideal for installation by a local plasterer in Melbourne in just about every room where the height of the ceiling exceeds 2.4 meters. The grid system would be perfect if the following are true.

  • A dramatic touch to the interior design is something that you want to add.
  • For better acoustic insulation.
  • To improve the energy efficiency of a home.
  • To install down lights.
  • Convert the attic into a living space.

There are different ceiling installers which offer various styles of grid ceilings and plaster bulkheads. Therefore, it is important to get quotes from more than one Plasterers in Balwyn, Plasterers in Eltham, Plasterers in Doncaster, Plasterers in Camberwell and Plasterers in Alphington and compare the products. Choose to install the ceiling on your own and the supplier can also provide you with complete instructions to do so. However, it is a good idea to get quotes for installations. There is a difference between getting a grid ceiling professionally installed as compared to doing it on your own.

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