Don’t Overlook Slit Back Options for Custom Labels

Custom labels are available to everyone thanks to modern technology. They provide entrepreneurs and those in cottage industries with the means to successfully and professionally market their products around the world. Sometimes label needs require a little extra customization and that’s when back slit labels can make a significant difference.

Anyone that’s every used a label and experienced bent and torn edges, incorrect placement and ruined stickers can appreciate the convenience of a back slit label. Also known as “crack and peel,” or removable laser labels, the liner is precisely incised for easy removal of the backing and quick application. The slit can be placed anywhere on the backing, making it possible to combine the labels with coupons and marketing copy.

At some time, everyone has spent up to a full minute trying to separate the backing from a custom label. Back slit labels save time, frustration, and make it easier to position labels correctly on any type of product. If the label is a promotional item distributed to clients and customers, they’ll appreciate the ease of application.

Back slit labels are also easy on the budget, blank sticker printing labels are the perfect option.. Since the label is easy to separate from the backing, there are no damaged edges and each label peels smoothly. Full back slit sheets allow for multiple configurations and the labels can be hand-cut into custom label shapes for any business need.
It makes them effective options for canister shipping and warehouse labels, oversize packages, and notices, warnings and workplace signage. One or more back slits can be placed on a label sheet, depending upon its intended usage. Back slits are also good options for custom product labels and creative endeavors such as art and decorative projects.

Name tags, promotional stickers and barcode labels are just some of the additional ways that back slit labels sheets can be used to create a custom label. They save time and money through the prevention of wastage and assists in proper placement. They’re equally appropriate for use by entrepreneurs, corporate offices and warehouses, and for promotional materials of any type when a custom label is a goal.

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